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Updated: May 7


Photo: Edirorial Anagrama

Ariana Harwicz: “Todas mis novelas tienen una lengua judicial para pensar el amor”. Papel Literario, El Nacional, Venezuela 2024.

El Nacional is a Venezuelan publishing company named C.A. Editorial El Nacional, most widely known for its El Nacional newspaper and website. It, along with Últimas Noticias and El Universal, are the country's most widely read and circulated daily national newspapers. In 2010, it had an average of 83,000 papers distributed daily and 170,000 copies on weekends. It has been called Venezuela's newspaper of record.

Photo: Radu Sandovici

Mircea Cărtărescu and the divine epilepsy we call inspiration. World Literature Today, Oklahoma 2024.

World Literature Today is an American international literature and culture magazine published at the University of Oklahoma. The magazine aims to publish international essays, poetry, fiction, interviews, and book reviews for a non-academic audience.

Photo: Diego Corrales

"En Colombia la belleza relampaguea en la retina que la observa": Entrevista con John Templanza Better. A Contracorriente, New Hampshire 2024

Founded in 2003 as a refereed electronic journal seeking to stimulate socio-historical analysis of Latin American Literature and push back against the relativism present in poststructuralist thought and postmodernism, A Contracorriente soon became a journal dedicated to the larger field of Latin American Studies, while still maintaining our original theoretical position. It strives to foster intellectual debate about politics, sociology, history, literature, film, art, and culture in Latin America from a leftist point of view. The journal is open-access and publishes in Spanish and English three times a year: Fall, Spring, and Winter.


Photo: Pangobooks

The Handbook of Transgender Science Fiction edited by Douglas A. Vakoch and Sabine Sharp.

Confirmed contributors represent twenty countries on six continents: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Türkiye, UK, and USA.

Chapter 12. "Parallel Worlds Connecting Multiple Identities: Transgender Existence in Camila Sosa Villada's Las Malas" (Bad Girls). Claudia Cavallin, Department of Languages and Literatures, Oklahoma State University, USA.


Photo: Adrián Duchateau

Cuadernos Fronterizos

"Margo Glantz y el permanente giro de las letras". Cuadernos Fronterizos seeks to disseminate culture and encourage criticism and debate, mainly in the social and humanistic sciences. At the same time, it aims to provide a means to communicate research products, literary creation, concerns, and various reflections. It is an information instrument that recovers documents and historical facts. It is aimed at the general public.


Fedosy Santaella. El dibujo de la isla. Bogotá: Monroy Editor, 2023. Trópico Absoluto, Berlin 2024.

Trópico Absoluto is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to humanistic reflection in its broadest sense. Founded in December 2018, its objectives are to serve as a meeting space for the exchange of ideas about Venezuela and Latin America, as well as to address a wide variety of topics in contemporary culture, promoting critical dialogue, tolerance, and diversity. of thought and intellectual rigor.

Photo: Monroy Editor.

Ana Clavel. CorazoNadas. Colección: Mujeres, razón y porvenir. México: Fondo Editorial

Estado de México, 2023. 120 páginas. 2023. Latin American Literature Today, 2024.

Latin American Literature Today is a journal associated with World Literature Today that seeks to reflect the new realities of Spanish-language literature through a quarterly online publication circulating in the United States and the literary communities of Latin America and Spain.

Photo: Centro Cultural Tijuana.


LASA 2024 /Bogotá / Colombia

"El mapa como representación móvil de la memoria colectiva" as part of the panel: Migration Narratives into the Track: Migration and Refugees for the LASA2024 Hybrid Congress: Reacción y resistencia: Imaginar futuros posibles en las Américas taking place June 12–15, 2024, virtually and on-site in Bogota, Colombia at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

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